Sorting Date Strings in PHP

30 06 2010

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Here’s yet another technical exercise and you have ten (10) minutes precisely to complete it. Read the rest of this entry »

Including a Filename from User Input

24 06 2010

Why? Why would anyone in their right mind do such a thing you may well wonder. Read the rest of this entry »

Algorithm Season

23 06 2010

I applied for a Senior Web Developer position recently which had a job description that appeared to match well with my experience and skillset. Read the rest of this entry »

Simultaneous HTTP GET Requests

22 06 2010

Some job-seekers complain about the interview process, comparing it to dating, Read the rest of this entry »

Math,Dates and PHP (cont’d)

20 06 2010

The last posting considered the following snippet: Read the rest of this entry »

Math, Dates and PHP

18 06 2010

Today must be my lucky day. Received a second technical question. This one involves math, dates and PHP Read the rest of this entry »

Math: Factorials and PHP

18 06 2010

What is up with the technical questions based on an understanding of math? When was the last time I actually worked for a client who needed me to find factorials using PHP? Oh, well, instead of procrastinating by dwelling on past glories, let’s consider the following technical question: Read the rest of this entry »

PHP and Numbers Divisible by Three

16 06 2010

The recent technical test also had a fun sort of question in which one needs to write some code Read the rest of this entry »

Outputting PHP with the ABC’s

16 06 2010

Today I took yet another PHP technical test in connection with my current status as a job-seeker. While companies see that I am a Zend Certified Engineer, for some reason many still require that I take their PHP test. One of the questions Read the rest of this entry »

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