A Lasting List Fix?

22 10 2014

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One of PHP’s most convenient constructs is Read the rest of this entry »

Flattening a Multidimensional Array

16 10 2014

A 3D projection of an 8-cell performing a doub...

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To meet the challenge of flattening a multidimensional array, one should consider Read the rest of this entry »

Illuminating a Dark Alley

15 10 2014

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“PHP has its share of dark alleys that you really don’t want to find yourself inside.   Object properties with names that are numbers is one of them…”

Jon,  StackOverflow


Object properties with integers for names are illegal in PHP.  Yet, Read the rest of this entry »

Taking Stock of the Stack in PHP

29 03 2014

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You may have heard about ‘the stack’ or call stack, part of a computer’s random access memory (RAM), wherein a function, including its parameters and return value, reside temporarily. One retrieves them on the basis of FILO (First In, Last Out), synonymous with LIFO (Last In, First Out). Users of high-level languages like C and PHP are much less likely to directly handle this stack. Read the rest of this entry »

A Story Problem with One Result and Two Solutions

20 03 2013

by Melody Johnson Quilts

An employee stacks five boxes in alphabetical order to produce the following sequence of labeled boxes:

Read the rest of this entry »

A Bug’s Life from 3 to 5

15 03 2013


dandelion and bug by smitje

This is the tale of a bug Read the rest of this entry »

Partial Application Technique in PHP

26 08 2011

Now that we have lambdas and closures in PHP5.3, we can use a functional programming technique known as partial application. Read the rest of this entry »

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