PHP and the Gem Within

23 11 2017

Flickr: by Hetx

Ubiquitous and lithe, little characters, popping up anywhere from user-defined functions to control structures and class definitions, PHP’s curly braces depending on circumstances may exhibit a distinctly Perlish quality. Perl exerts an influence since it figures as one among three languages from which PHP, indelicately-speaking, purloins much of its syntax. PHP’s connection to Perl also relates to its predecessor PHP/FI, originally a Perl hack that Rasmus Lerdorf later rewrote in the C Programming Language. To better appreciate PHP, certainly its Perlish facet merits inspection, and complex (curly) syntax, lends itself well to this endeavor.

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Outputting PHP with the ABC’s

16 06 2010

Today I took yet another PHP technical test in connection with my current status as a job-seeker. While companies see that I am a Zend Certified Engineer, for some reason many still require that I take their PHP test. One of the questions Read the rest of this entry »

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