PHP: Classy Dynamics

16 01 2016

flickr: by JusDaFax

Devotees of PHP may worry with the debut of PHP 7 that users have lost the beloved language we’ve known over the past twenty years. In truth, the newest version generally conforms to previous ones. In fact, the advent of PHP 7 heralds a technology distinguished by greater flexibility and consistency.

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Views and PHP: Part I

17 08 2010

As a PHP Developer looking for work during the current economic downturn, I can always depend on the interviewer asking if I know about MySQL5’s views. Read the rest of this entry »

Views and PHP: Part II

17 08 2010

To illustrate the power of views, I’m going to have PHP create a report using the data stored in test4ah. The code will dynamically create Read the rest of this entry »

Views and PHP: Part III

17 08 2010

The previous two parts were basically a set up for the drama that shall shortly enfold involving PHP and MySQ with respect to generating a brief revenue report. Read the rest of this entry »

PHP5.3 and Namespaces

1 08 2010

In today’s post, I’d like to explore namespaces in PHP, a new feature that is in version PHP5.3. Read the rest of this entry »

jquery – bind, click, and live

11 03 2010

I recently decided to update my JavaScript skills and make a more intense effort to master jquery. There is excellent online documentation available at but I found that while it answers many questions, it also raises others. Read the rest of this entry »

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