The Travails of Traversal

13 07 2016

Flickr: By JacobDavis

The venerated foreach-loop may seem to have formed a part of PHP from the outset, but it actually entered the language starting with PHP 4, apparently appropriated from Perl. While nowadays, this control structure provides a convenient way to iterate over an array or object without the complication of conditional looping inherent in for, while, and do-while loops, it was originally intended to provide a way to easily traverse arrays (see PHP Manual published 3-6-2003). Read the rest of this entry »

The Erroneous Basis of base_convert()

29 01 2016


July (Photo credit: kurafire)

Some bugs linger from one version of PHP to the next, such as the one associated with base_convert() and other base conversion functions. It has existed at least since the long, gone days of PHP 4. It even managed to escape the notice of Eevee in his encyclopedic rant railing against PHP a few years ago. An understandable oversight, given that nowadays developers usually apply themselves to other endeavors than converting values from one base to another. Read the rest of this entry »

Links 4 Surprise! It’s PHP :)

6 09 2014

Flickr: by Philerooski

A few notable links from my latest talk Read the rest of this entry »

Web & PHP Conference 2013 TALK – Resources

17 09 2013

The following links pertain to the talk “PHP: Quirks, Gotchas & Wizardry” which I gave at the Web & PHP Conference in San Jose, CA, Sept. 2013.  

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OSCON 2013 TALK – Resources

24 07 2013

Hexadecimal clock

Hexadecimal clock (Photo credit: adactio)

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Links 4 SCALE 022313 (and ocphp012313)

23 01 2013

PHP Elephant

PHP Elephant (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

I’ve categorized the links and  Read the rest of this entry »

Shuffling and Random Thoughts

28 10 2010

A riffle shuffle being performed during a game...

A riffle shuffle being performed during a game of poker at a bar near Madison, Wisconsin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes you need to shuffle things when you work with PHP, that is to order a set of values where each appears in a randomized order. Read the rest of this entry »

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